Placing links on this webcam is expressly permitted.

A live integration of the camera image for your own homepage is permitted if a click on the image links to the page, or a clearly visible reference to is placed next to the picture.

The current camera image with a width of 700 pixels can be integrated with the following code:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" width="700px"></a>

The image size can be enlarged or reduced by changing the value width=”700px”.

The use and publication of the images in TV, print or internet media is permitted if the address is clearly legible as the image source.
In the case of internet media, this source must be provided as a clickable link. Alternatively, a clearly visible note on can be placed next to the picture.

Publication or use of the images without reference or link is explicitly prohibited.

Stretching or cropping the image is prohibited.

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